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What are Unpaid Organic Search Results? 

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 As we have already explained above, Organic Search Results are the search results that appear to the user as a result of effective use of SEO/SEO techniques, and for which no sums have been paid by their owners to appear on the results page. It used to be easy to spot natural search results. The ad results were visible at the top of the results page, followed by 10 links to natural results. However, over time, the way results are displayed on search engines has changed. So how do you recognize natural search results? Today's search results pages (SERPs) contain more ads as well as unique dynamic natural search results called SERP features in addition to regular natural search results. Examples of dynamic search results SERP features we find: Snippets or answer boxes that appear in the form of an answer to your question at the top of the search page inside a box. Relevant results section or People Also Ask. Section images related to your search.

In addition to many other forms of unique results that are constantly changing and evolving in line with the preferences and needs of users. It is worth noting that the SERP features in the Google search engine are completely natural (unpaid), some of which are affected by SEO techniques, while others have nothing to do with search engine optimization techniques. Examples of SERP features that are affected by SEO (their appearance on the first page of search results depends on how strong and SEO-friendly they are): Snippets. Results related to your search, which sometimes appear as "People Also Ask" boxes. As for the distinguished results that are not affected by SEO techniques, they are those that include information from reliable or specialized sites in the subject matter of the search such as Wikipedia, or IMDb, which specializes in rating films.