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Link Analysis Tool - Website Link Analyzer

A free tool that checks your site links and verifies the validity of the links on your site or blog and the extent of their friendship with search engines

Free link analysis tools

This page provides a brief overview of the Link Analysis Tool. The Link Analysis Tool is a powerful tool that you can use to calculate the most critical, influential, and highly-linked pages on a website. To use the Link Analysis Tool, simply enter the URL you want to analyze and click the link. This will open a new tab with your results, backlink analysis tools free.

Link Analysis

What is meant by broken links?

Dear reader, you should know that broken links or broken links are a group of links that do not work and that are inside your blog, and to make it clear to you when the visitor clicks on this type of link, the link does not work with him and the visitor will not be directed to the desired site ( It shows a 404 error.


Thus, broken links have a negative role in your blog. For example, when a visitor clicks on any link in your blog and finds it does not work, he will leave your site and will not visit it again, because he did not find the thing he was looking for.


Not only that, when you submit a request to join Google Adsense, your site will be rejected, and the reason for this is that a site has broken links, even if the number is small, so we will provide you with how to check the broken links so that you can know them and remove them.

How to check broken links

If you want to check whether there are broken links on your blog or not, there is a very great site that specializes in detecting broken links, which is the Broken link checker.


This site is one of the best free sites for detecting broken links, and the way to use it is easy. All you have to do is take the link of your blog address, and click to check for broken links.


After you finish adding the site and check for those broken links, you will find that this site does a thorough check and gives you all the broken links on your blog, which you must remove immediately.