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All Format Webp Image Converter Online - JPG PNG to Webp image converter

WebP Image Converter Online allows you to convert your images to WebP format from Google for free. Upload the file or enter the image link and press "Convert File". The file will be converted instantly and you will be able to upload the WebP image once it has been converted.

Webp converter

The WebP Image Extension was developed by Google to make images smaller and with better quality to make browsing the web faster. WebP files consist of VP8 image data and a RIFT-based container. This new image format uses lossy compression for photographic images.

WebP Image Converter also supports conversion from GIF to WebP animations.

Webp Image Converter

What is WEBP and how is it different from other popular formats?

WEBP is a modern image format developed by Google that aims to speed up the loading of website pages using smaller and more efficient images without quality loss, so webmasters and developers can include images in this format to make websites load quickly, as WEBP images are ) 26% smaller than PNG images, and 25% to 34% smaller than JPG images.

But the downside about WEBP is that most image editors are not yet compatible with this new format, and most CMS platforms like WordPress don't allow you to upload images in this format for inclusion in articles, so you'll often have to convert The image is manually converted to another format, such as: PNG or JPEG.