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The idea of ​​putting a code barcode is the passage of the laser beam over the encrypted threads, so the black threads absorb the beam and prevent its reflection, and the laser beam is reflected from the white threads with data that the system reads to know the type of product and any other data found on this barcode.

Barcodes have become one of the things that do not pass one day until you see hundreds of them, but of course, what the eye gets used to, the eye begins to ignore, and if you want to be sure, look under any device, or on any package of any product. You will find the barcode is present.

QR Code Generator

The QR code appeared as a second generation of the barcode, and it has two dimensions, as we mentioned at the beginning. If you look at any QR code, you will find it is of length and width, and there are squares in three corners. And between them, there is the virtual space that holds the data read by its reader or by a specific program on the mobile device. But what is the difference between the barcode and the QR Code? In a way, as we mentioned, barcodes are threads and often take the form of Rectangular and one-dimensional (horizontal), the QR code is often square and has two dimensions (horizontal and vertical).

It is used to find information about goods or services and has a dedicated BarCode Reader. As for the QR code, you can read it through a mobile program by photographing the code with the camera in the mobile. You can design your own QRcode through programs, and this gives it a boost to arouse people's curiosity to use it.

What are the current uses of QR Code or QR Code that increase its importance?

1- You can get a lot of information easily by photographing one square, I think this is one of the important advantages of QR Code.

2- You can design your personal card and put your information through the RQ Code, so the person does not have to carry the card all the time, all he has to do is shine the mobile camera on the card so that he keeps all your data on his device.

3- Some magazines have started placing a QR code on some of their pages, and if you read it on your device, it will give you a site for an article, a video site, or any media that the magazine wants to give you.

4- If you are in a hurry and find an advertisement on the street that caught your attention, all you have to do is photograph the RQ Code and browse later anywhere you want (this is, of course, if this code is found on it).

5- Some places of sale of products allow the QR code below the models of the commodity, and by photographing this commodity, you know more information about it, and there are even some stores that allow you to purchase the commodity from the Internet if you want.

6- Some ads are just an QRcode, and when you read it, you find a name, job, phone number, and information about the ad

7- You can know certain places on the map through programs that rely on the QR code.