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Internet Speed Test - Test your internet speed

Test your internet speed, which includes measuring your download speed, upload speed, and the extent of responsiveness and jitters in your internet connection.

What is a good internet speed

On this page and without many boring introductions and explanations, from here you can measure the real internet speed in mega, know your internet speed and explain the best site to measure internet speed and how do I know that the internet speed is excellent.

Internet Speed Test

Download speed

Download speed, or what is known as Download Speed, is the most important indicator for measuring internet speed, and it is measured in megabytes or kilobyte, fast speed test.

It is responsible for playing videos without interruption. The higher the internet speed, the more quickly you can download movies and songs.

Your downloading of files from the Internet is the responsibility of the download speed and the speed of downloading applications from the Google Play Store.

And anyone who thinks about measuring the speed of the Internet, he usually means that he wants to measure the speed of the download, wifi speed test.

The unit of measuring internet speed (download speed)

The upload or download speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps), but note that it is megabits, not megabytes, as each 8 megabytes = 1 megabyte.

This means that if you download a 1 MB file and your internet speed is 8 MB, it will take 8 seconds to download this file.

Upload speed

The upload speed is mostly not interested in people except those who constantly upload videos on the Internet or upload photos.

The upload speed is responsible for uploading files and data to website servers. For example, when you try to upload a video on Facebook, the speed you will take to upload this file is the upload speed.

Net speed unit (upload speed)

The upload or upload speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps), which is the same unit of measurement for internet (download) speed.

Ping. response

The value of the ping or the lower the ping, this means that you have a good internet speed and your connection is in excellent condition.

Ping unit

Ping is measured in milliseconds, ms.

It is responsible for measuring the response between your computer and the server of the site, application or game you are using.

The more your device is able to send data to the server, and the server will respond quickly. This means that your connection speed is better for the Internet, and the ping value in this case will be reduced.