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How to write an exclusive article

If you try to search for a topic in the Arabic language, you will find dozens of sites that talk about it, but the articles that you will find at the top of the list of your search results will be the best, of course, because Google filters and evaluates all articles that deal with the same keywords and then arranges them according to an exclusive article, the best, Therefore, sites are racing to provide the best content, mainly by following a set of rules in writing for search engine optimization (SEO).

You cannot copy the content of another article and paste it into your own article; On the one hand, this article will not appear in the search results, and on the other hand, the evaluation of the site as a whole will decrease, so in order for your article to be good in the eyes of Google, it must be exclusive and take into account a set of basic points in writing, and in the next article we will explain how.

write an exclusive article

We can define the exclusively written article as an article written according to the rules of the proper language, dealing with a subject individually and differently from the rest of the widespread articles dealing with the same topic in other sites, and it can take its information from foreign references without being literally translated; Because the article is distinguished by its display of the writer’s personality and writing style, it is not permissible to copy and paste from Arabic content and it is not permissible to literal translation of a foreign article, this type of article is called an exclusive article that is the favorite of readers and the highest rated by Google.

The importance of writing an exclusive article

You can simply create a website and publish articles that do not comply with the requirements of SEO, but this process will make your site a bad site in the eyes of Google, and you will not reach a result from it. As for writing the article exclusively, you raise your site and support Google evaluation of it and the most important benefits of writing an exclusive article:1

  • Personalizing the writer’s articles and showing his expertise in the field he is writing about. This makes the article’s drafting, arranging his ideas, and linking them distinct.
  • Your interest in your article and good writing instills confidence in the site from the reader; This means that if you think of selling something through the site, the likelihood of it being bought by visitors increases as well as increases the profit from advertising, as the most popular site increases the demand for advertising and advertising through it.
  • Increase the external links that lead to your article and increase the number of visitors.
  • When a visitor enters to read an article on your site and likes the article, your site will most likely become in the list of favorite sites of this visitor, and it will be the first destination for this visitor when he wants to read about a topic on your site.

But how is your article exclusive, and what are the points that an exclusive article must include in order to be minimally good?