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Add the best meta tags to your blog or website : meta description, meta keywords and meta title tags from our advanced meta tag generator tool

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Meta tags generator

We have created a meta tag generator for SEO purposes, where you can generate tags for a page according to how it will be ranked. You type the page title, and you choose how many words you want it to rank for. Then we will generate the meta tags for you. For example, if you want to rank for “how to make a business card”, you should type “Make a business card”.

Meta Tag Generator

What are the meta tags for

Meta tag codes, in short, are codes that are placed in a blog template, such as blogger or wordpress, so that they are hidden so that they are displayed to the user. One of the most important meta codes is
Meta Title – Meta Description – Meta Keywords
There are a lot of meta tags and we will put you the most important codes that you should use on your blog in this topic.

How do meta tags work

Meta tag codes work with search engines so that they guide the search engine to know the path of your blog and work to read the content of your basic blog, and through it the search engine can determine the type of your blog’s content, whether it is for Android, computer programs, or others.

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