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Website Speed Test Analyzer - Website Speed Test Free

Use this tool in order to measure the speed of the site on the mobile or on the computer, as it is free and enables you to know the real speed of your site, whether on the computer or mobile.


Website Speed Test Analyzer

Website Speed Analyzer analyzes how a computer or mobile user interacts with a website on their device. It provides you with all the information you need to make informed performance decisions about your website and its content. Analyze your Google PageSpeed Insights score results and what needs to be improved.

Website Speed Test

The selected browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or PhantomJS) runs in the foreground. It then logs every step of the process when the site loads. Compare the results to see how your website performs on devices and networks around the world. Third-party content providers slowing down your site can potentially catch you.

Google page speed test

The speed of your blog is one of the most important factors that may make search engines love your blog and thus archive it in the first positions of the search pages, how?
Google wants the visitor to stay in your city for as long as possible.

And in the event that the speed of your blog is very weak and it takes a long time to load the page that the visitor wants.

This visitor will come back and will not wait for a long time, gtmetrix.

This is something that may give an idea to search engines that your blog is not good for the visitor because any visitor who enters returns to the search page quickly.

Here lies the importance of checking the speed of the Blogger template before installing it on your blog, and continuing to do so in order to keep your pages appearing fast and thus maintain visitors.

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