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Age Calculator

Age Calculator

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Electronic age calculator

The human mind is able to know the age intuitively or orally, as some say, and the human mind of ordinary people can do the arithmetic process accurately, but this process will take some time, it may take one minute or several minutes according to the person’s intuitiveness and his mathematical and arithmetic skills, and to save time and effort, the program Calculating the electronic age facilitates this process and allows the person to perform this somewhat difficult process within a few seconds. Therefore, the method of calculating the age electronically is easier, faster and more accurate than the traditional oral calculation methods that are obviously done through the human mind.

Age Calculator

Calculating age in days

Our system derives the number of days that fall between your birthday and our present day through very accurate and carefully studied software equations that are applied to the data entered by you. Therefore, how to calculate the age in days does not differ, whether in lunar or solar terms from each other, i.e. in the Arabic Hijri or Gregorian calendar. Today is a day in any calendar, whatever it is, but it is important to mention that calculating the age varies between the Hijri and Gregorian years, every 33 Gregorian years. The greater the age, the greater this difference. The relationship here is a direct one, and therefore the measurement of age in days will not suffer from this kind of difference, increase or even decrease between the two calendars.